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Social Media Internship: June 2020 - December 2020

During my time as a social media intern with ESPN, I produced content for ESPN's Snapchat shows including: SportsCenter on Snapchat, SportsCenter Now and ESPN The Throwback. I also assisted in creating breaking news content for ESPN on Snapchat's Happening Now feature.


Watch my feature on ESPN Front Row, where I describe my internship experience on the Snapchat team.

SportsCenter on Snapchat

While working on SportsCenter on Snapchat, I had the opportunity to produce entire segments for the show by myself. I was charged with pitching ideas for segments, writing the script, editing and animating the video as well as manipulating graphics. Below you will find five segments produced by me for SportsCenter on Snapchat. Some graphics included in these segments were designed by our team's graphic designer.

SC: Happening Now

Happening Now is Snapchat's breaking news feature, which sends push notifications out to its users. I was tasked with monitoring breaking news stories while building these snapchats to inform sports fans in a timely manner. Below you will find six breaking news snaps I built for ESPN on Happening Now.

SportsCenter Now

SportsCenter Now is ESPN's live updating Snapchat show. It contains user generated content, highlights, breaking news, and more. While working on this show, I was required to monitor social media feeds for viral user content, generate creative polling/voting Snapchats, and build breaking news snapchats. Below you will find six Snapchats I created for SC Now, although I built hundreds during my time on the show.

ESPN: The Throwback

ESPN's The Throwback Snapchat show was started to provide sports fans with content during the COVID-19 shutdown. Each week, a new topic was selected to create a 16-Snapchat show. Below you will find episodes I was able to contribute to during my time on the show.

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